/ Analysis and strategy

We will help you better understand your potential as a research and innovation organisation with a strong focus on increasing your external funding. We will conduct analyses that will contribute to the development of a forward-looking research and innovation strategy for example in regards to Horizon 2020 and FP9. This will entail clear recommendations on how to move forward strategically.


/ Benchmark analysis: We perform benchmark analysis comparing your organisation’s performance to similar organisations in Horizon Europe.

/ Analysis of funding portfolio: We perform a study and analysis of your organisations existing external funding from EU, national funds etc.

/ Test of organisational knowledge: With a view to improving funding capacity in your organisation, we offer to perform a study of the level of knowledge of Horizon 2020 (quantitatively or qualitatively). This can be an important piece of information in developing your strategy.

/ Strategy:  We have many years of experience in organising and executing strategy processes in a research and innovation context.

Added value

Our analysis will help your organisation make better choices when it comes to deciding in which direction to move. A well-designed strategy process can also be detrimental to actually implement changes.