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With more than 20 years of experience with research and innovation policy in Denmark, Israel and EU. We help businesses, research institutions and organisations develop their research, innovation and development activities strategically and internationally in all fields. We offer standard or tailor made trainings. Please contact us to learn more about what we offer and let us know what your needs are:

/ Last calls of Horizon 2020 and getting ready for Horizon Europe

The last calls of Horizon 2020 have been published. With more funding than ever the workshop will help you identify the key calls for 2019 and 2020. In addition, Horizon Europe – the successor of Horizon 2020 – is right around the corner and will start in 2021. In Brussels, policy makers are working on the priorities of the programme but we already know the general content of the new framework programme for research and innovation. The workshop will give you knowledge on how to prepare for and influence Horizon Europe. Moreover, we will give you concrete tools to gear your organisation to be successful in Horizon Europe. The workshop will be tailor-made to fit your needs and wishes and is relevant for any organization or enterprises that wants to participate in Horizon Europe or advise on European soft funding and fundraising. With a starting point from the 3 building blocks below we will develop a presentation, training and interactive workshop together with you. See more.

/ How to write a good proposal 

Horizon 2020 – and very likely also Horizon Europe – are highly competitive programs. Only the most excellent, innovative and high-risk proposals will get funded. To write a competitive proposal you must many things in place and be an excellent project developer. In this training you will gain the necessary knowledge about the European framework program for research and innovation and its complex set of rules. We give your tools to develop the good proposal: consortia building, excellence, impact and implementation, tips for the budget and the graphics and illustrations. The training will be adapted to your wishes and needs. See more

/ R&I development, funding and networks

At this workshop we look inwards. We will assist your business, research group or organisation in taking all the ideas, thoughts and opinions that exist in your team and structure them into concrete project ideas. We will present concrete funding and networking possibilities and match them with the project ideas. This will shed light on the different avenues of which the research or innovation in your organisation can be expected to move and where to find funding for them. This will enable you to proactively 1) make a funding strategy 2) undertake lobbying activities and 3) strengthen your network. See more.