/ IDF Grand Solutions funding to Danish universities and hospitals

By Christian Walther Bruun / On / In Ikke-kategoriseret

Innovation Fund Denmark invests in research and innovation projects with the potential to create knowledge, growth and employment in Denmark. Grand Solutions is aimed at collaborative projects based on excellent research focused on solutions of considerable societal value. Based on societal and business challenges, opportunities and innovation needs, Innovation Fund Denmark wants to enable cross-disciplinary investments in knowledge institutions and companies – private as well as public.

Grøn/Bruun has analysed the grants provided so far to Danish universities and hospitals. They key findings are:

  1. Danish universities have so far received DKK 3.8B from the Grand Solutions programme
  2. The Technical University of Denmark has received more than a third of the funds with a share of 37,4% of the total allocation to the Danish universities
  3. University of Copenhagen and Aarhus university has received  just under DKK 800M each or about 20% of the total share each.
  4. Aalborg University has received almost three times more funding than University of Southern Denmark.
  5. Danish hospitals have received DKK 492.2M in the Grand Solutions programme
  6. Rigshospitalet has received 42.9% of the funds allocated to hospitals
  7. Aarhus University hospital received 17.0%, Odense University Hospital 10.4% and the remaining Danish hospitals 5% or less.


See the detailed numbers in the picture below.