/ Spin Robotics – Eurostars #2

By Christian Walther Bruun / On

“Spin Robotics vision is a future where assembly processes are automated by collaborative robots with our appropriate tool depending on the task. We aim to close the gap between humans and robots in assembly lines and to free workers from tasks that can cause injuries and ensure that the employees are responsible for more creative and satisfactory work.

We know that fastening today happens in an old-fashioned manner and we want to change that.

We have a long-standing collaboration with Grøn/Bruun and have earlier together secured funding from Eurostars. For this reason, we asked Grøn/Bruun again to assist us in coordinating and developing a proposal for the Eurostars programme.

Grøn/Bruun did a great job in helping us plan, coordinate and write the proposal in close collaboration with the project partners and us. Grøn/Bruun’s assistance was a key in helping to ensure this important project that was granted at total of 400,000 EUR from the Eurostars programme.

We would be happy to work with Grøn/Bruun again.”

– Thomas Sølund, CTO Spin Robotics

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