“Particle3D is a Danish MedTech company founded on technology to 3D print patient specific, natural, and degradable bone implants. This enables faster ingrowth of bone tissue, remodeling into real living bone, and results in fewer complications. The technology can also be used for 3D printed implants with additives, such as antibiotics or other drugs, and even in industries outside healthcare.

We engaged with Grøn/Bruun to coordinate the work and execute a proposal for the Eurostars programme after successfully securing pre-funding from EUopSTART. We have been very happy with the work of Grøn/Bruun, which was highly dedicated, committed and high quality. The result was a high quality proposal laying the track for important and high potential section of our R&D pipeline. We are looking forward to opportunities to work with Grøn/Bruun in the future.” 

– Martin Bonde Jensen, CTO Particle3D

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