Greater Copenhagen EU Office

By Christian Walther Bruun / On

We hired Grøn/Bruun and a team of expert fundraisers to develop an extensive online course for our members consisting of municipalities and regions of east Denmark. The course – KOMPAS-EU – covered the possibilities in upcoming EU programmes (nine different incl. Horizon Europe, Interreg and Life) within four distinct thematic areas from circular economy to health.

Grøn/Bruun developed a course that was highly engaging using various tools such as drawings, quizzes, break-our sessions to present the material in an online format (due to COVID restrictions) running over a total of eight days. A total of 60 representatives from the municipalities and regions participated and 100% of the evaluation respondents said following that they would recommend similar course to colleagues and 90% were either satisfied or very satisfied.

After the course Grøn/Bruun made all the material accessible via extensive take-home material, online recordings, and presentations on a course platform for the participants their colleagues. In the process Grøn/Bruun were flexible and adaptive to our inputs and we would be happy to work with them in the future.”