University College Northern Denmark (UCN)

By Christian Walther Bruun / On

“University College of Northern Denmark’s goal is actively engaging our researchers to pursue funding opportunities with national and international partners, from companies, public authorities and academia. To ensure building of knowledge, competences and interest in the funding opportunities in EU (Horizon 2020 and Horizon Europe) and nationally (e.g. Innovation Fund Denmark), we used Grøn/Bruun for a number of workshops covering the ins-and-outs of the funding instruments, how to find consortia partners and network, the good proposal, what being involved in a project entails from coordination to being a partner and much more.

Grøn/Bruun have been professional and have shown a good understanding of our specific needs tailoring the material, exercise and communication to our needs and strategic focus. We hope to work much more with Grøn/Bruun in the future.”

Lone Varn Johannsen, Head of Fundraising, UCN