University of Southern Denmark NanoSYD – MSCA-ITN

By Christian Walther Bruun / On

Organic solar cells are an attractive renewable energy technology, holding the potential of providing sustainable energy without the use of toxic and hazardous materials. Due to their flexibility, they hold a huge potential in use compared to conventional inorganic solar cells. NanoSYD has for many years been leading the research and development of organic solar cells. We engaged Grøn/Bruun in order to coordinate and develop a proposal for MSCA-ITN in 2020, which was successfully submitted. Throughout the whole process, we have been impressed with the level of engagement, efforts, and input provided by Grøn/Bruun. They coordinated the consortia, helped develop the proposal and assisted with any administrative and legal questions arising in the process. We would be happy to work with them in the future.

Vida Engmann, Assistant Professor, University of Southern Denmark