Department of Bioscience, Aarhus University

By Christian Walther Bruun / On

We used Grøn/Bruun to qualify the proposal for our project BIOMAP which applied for a 15+ million DKK Grand Solutions investment at Innovation Fund Denmark. Based on new scientific discoveries at Aarhus University the project will significantly improve the way the mapping of soil pollution is done.

Grøn/Bruun provided critical review of the written material which helped sharpen, clarify, structure and brand our proposal for it to be invited for interview at Innovation Fund Denmark. Grøn/Bruun facilitated an interview-workshop/mock-interview, which again really helped to improve the presentation of the project ensuring that the most important points were presented during the limited time allocated. On June 4th we were invited to enter into investment contract negotiations with Innovation Fund Denmark – that means we got funded!

We have been very happy with Grøn/Bruun and hope to work with them again to obtain further funding to improve on the BIOMAP method.

– Lars Riis Damgaard, Principal Investigator of BIOMAP,  Aarhus University, Department of Bioscience