/ Commercialization for startups and SMEs

As an innovation bureau, we also help technology-based startups to bring their innovation to the market. For many startups, everyday life is characterized by technology development and commercialization of its technology at the same time. It can be difficult to find time to do communication work, find the right international collaboration partners and formalize their relationships and locate the right sales channels – all at the same time. We support startups to get these things in place by using our experience from abroad and international networks. It releases resources to focus on the technology part of your business.


/ Soft funding: We are specialized in helping startups and SMEs obtain soft funding for development, market access and replication and commercialization.

/ Marketing: We help develop marketing material and strategy that can be used for investors, distributors and collaborators. We help customize the material to match the recipient’s interests.

/ International partnerships: We can conduct mapping analyzes of which international partners you should cooperate with. We also help you establish contact with the leading companies in your sector with which you would like strategic cooperation.

/ Sales: We are happy to assist you with the difficult first sales of your innovation. We make contact with whom will become your first clients, set up meetings and support the sales process until there is a completed sale.

Added value

By leaving the first commercialization activities to us, you can dedicate your full attention to the research and development activities of your project. It releases significant resources to make your innovation completely ready for the market.