/ Frontrunner universities in Horizon 2020

By Christian Walther Bruun / On / In Ikke-kategoriseret

Grøn/Bruun Research and Innovation Bureau has assessed the EU contribution, number of ERC grants and amount of coordinator roles of top 500 universities in Horizon 2020. A total of 2061 universities have participated in 12 077 Horizon 2020 projects and 1543 universities have received funding.

/ Four UK (University of Oxford, University of Cambridge, University College London and Imperial College) and one Danish university (University of Copenhagen) are top-recipients in Horizon 2020. Combined they received 9% of the funding provided universities in Horizon 2020, coordinated 12% of the projects and held 12% of the ERC grant held by the top 500 universities .

/ Universities from a total of 122 countries are participating in Horizon 2020, with universities in the UK being the most successful in obtaining funding from Horizon 2020. UK universities have so far received EUR 3167,9 million, followed by German universities (EUR 1749,4 million) and Dutch universities (EUR 1266,8 million).

/ Combined the Nordic universities (SE, NO, DK and FI) have received EUR 1623,6 million in Horizon 2020 funding. This is just below the total funding provided to German universities ahead of other European countries.

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