/ Frontrunners in Horizon 2020 Secure Societies

By Christian Walther Bruun / On / In Ikke-kategoriseret

Grøn/Bruun has assessed the funding provided to technological development within Horizon 2020 under calls for Societal Challenge 7: Secure Societies. A total of 287 projects funded 1524 organisations from 49 countries with a total EU contribution of EUR 848,6 million. The distribution is as follows:

/ Italian institutions are the most successful under call for Secure Societies with approximately 11,2% of the total funding or EUR 95,7 mill.

/ The Greek research institution Kentro Meleton Asfaleias is the most successful institution with total funding of EUR 20,6 million in 26 projects.

/ The largest part of the funding is allocated to private companies and research institutions, with private companies receiving EUR 339,5 million or 40,0% of the funding.

/ A total of 700 private companies have been funded institutions have been funded so far.

See the full list here:

On 15. November Grøn/Bruun gave a presentation at CenSec’s annual Home Land Security Conference in Copenhagen. See the presentation here: