/ Grand Solutions snapshot

By Christian Walther Bruun / On / In Ikke-kategoriseret

Innovation Fund Denmark’s consortia supporting Grand Solutions programme is mainly funding projects lead by organisations in the Capital Region of Denmark.

So far the fund has signed 226 grants. Two thirds of all projects are led by organisations from the Capital Region of Denmark (66%), followed by, Central Denmark Region (15%), North Denmark Region (10%), Region of Southern Denmark (5%) and Region Zealand (4%).

The main categories of funding distributes as follows: “Production, material, digitalisation and ICT” (28,2%), followed by “Energy, climate and environment” (21,5%) , “Bioressources, foods and lifestyle” (20,2%), “Biotech, medico and Health” (17%),  “Trade, service and society” (8,4%),  and “Infrastructure, transportation and construction” (4,4%).