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Greentech Challenge Copenhagen

We are happy to announce that we have been invited to provide soft funding advise to the 12 start-ups selected for the Greentech Challenge Copenhagen 2019 at BLOXHUB – link. The 12 start-ups are:


40% of the World’s energy is consumed in buildings. This has to change. Studies show that occupancy detection in commercial buildings itself can reduce energy consumption by 25%. UbiqiSense has developed and brought to the market a low-cost smart building people sensor that enables this tremendous energy savings potential with ROI’s as short as 10 months for office buildings.


Nordetect is a biochemical analytics company that produces Nordetect. Lab-on-a-chip devices for environmental analysis.


Turning Buildings into a Large Scale Air Purification System. PurCity has developed a new Sustainable and Highly Efficient Self-cleaning air purification system for buildings and construction walls called GapS.
GapS is patent pending and consist of transparent industrial panels that easily can be integrated into any new and existing building constructions and infrastructures. By means of natural velocity the polluted air is sucked through the GapS nanotechnology based wall-panels mounted on the building-walls and removes toxic gases, ultrafine particles PM2.5, NOx, SOx, VOC’s and CO2.

Seaborg Technologies

Seaborg Techologies develops a fundamental new type of nuclear reactor, the Compact Molten Salt Reactor. It solves the barriers of conventional nuclear while retaining all the benefits. The CMSRs inherent safety allows for a less complex, small and modular design that produces emission-free, inexpensive power. Moreover, the extremely low resource use means the
technology is set to become the most sustainable energy source on the market.


Airly builds networks of air quality sensors that can be deployed across entire cities or counties. The technology enables real-time monitoring of air quality via an online map – map.airly.eu. Our mission is to build a dense network of sensors that will increase people’s awareness of what we breathe in everyday. It will also help identify sources of problems and their exact locations.


Bin-e is an AI-based smart waste bin, designed for office spaces and smart buildings, enabling them to achieve efficiency in waste management and reach green strategy goals. It recognizes, sorts and compresses recyclables
automatically. It also features fill level control, data processing, and an IoT-Platform. The aim is combine most advanced technology to simplify recycling and facilitate the transition to a circular economy.

ACM Adaptive City Mobility

Multipurpose electric vehicle for cities + energy solution. We solve the limited range + charging time problem for eFleet-Operators in cities and offer them the lowest TCO and cleanest solution on the market (zero CO2 ist possible)

Solo Energy

Solo are building the power plant of the future – the Virtual Power Plant. The building blocks of a Virtual Power Plant are batteries. Unlike a conventional power plant, our Virtual Power Plant is not a large industrial plant in one single location, but a connected system of distributed batteries and Electric Vehicles in homes and businesses across the grid. We digitally link these assets to act as an intelligent system of flexible demand and supply which help balance the intermittency of renewable generation.

Deep River

Local Energy Production and Storage – National and Local Grid. Deep River AS is active in research and development related to power plants for producing electricity from rivers, waterfalls and ocean currents. Our products are based on container modules developed for standardized production of renewable energy. Our technology is protected by patent and Intellectual Property Rights (IPR).


Everyday, 35% of distributed water is lost in homes, buildings and infrastructures. With our technology installed in less than 5 minutes, Shayp instantly assesses water leaks in real-time and dispatches maintenance efficiently to drive down costs. Shayp is a fully integrated service that helps building managers, homeowners and insurers eliminate leaks and related damages. We keep properties safe and water bills under control. Since water is for life, it’s our responsibility to save it.


ARYZE issues fully redeemable stable coins backed by and pegged to traditional assets. By creating the bridge between traditional value and digital currencies ARYZE aims to be the primary payment infrastructure enabling individuals, businesses and IOT devices to make instant payments globally in a modular ecosystem with no transaction fees. ARYZE is able to help the UN achieve lower transaction fees for remittance below the Sustainability Development Goal of 3%.

IoT Infrastructure

IoT Infrastructure A/S builds Internet of Things solutions, that helps small and medium companies achieve the maximum possible energy savings. Our mission is to make smart energy savings affordable for everybody, by applying a “Minimal Technology” thinking combined with an advanced software, allowing companies to implement a energy savings solution, that cost less than the actual savings. Now companies have no excuses for not reducing their energy spending, and thereby help the environment.