/ Public affairs, dissemination and communication

We have long experience with public affairs in the EU. On the basis of a thorough stakeholder analysis we assist you in the development of strategies for influencing decision makers. Together with you, we develop a communication strategy to disseminate results of research and innovation projects to academia, partners, investors and the general public.


/ Dissemination and communication strategy: Together with you we will develop a tailor-made dissemination and communication strategy.

/ Public affairs: On the basis of an in-depth network and stakeholder analysis, a plan for influencing is developed. The plan will always take into account the latest trends within research and innovation policy.

/ Engage as a dissemination partner: We can engage directly as a dissemination partner in projects for example in Horizon 2020. Our involvement will strengthen the flow of communication and outreach to the public and stakeholders.

/ Network and stakeholder analysis: We assist in identifying key decision makers and allies. We also assist in how to approach them and how to establish long term collaboration.

Added value

By leaving the dissemination and communication to us, you can focus on the research and innovation activities. We ensure that the results are communicated timely and professionally. A strong strategy for influencing can help guide the flow of funding to your field of interest. At the same time important knowledge and understanding of political decision making processes in your area is built. This will in the long run advance your fundraising capacity.