/ Training: Last calls of Horizon 2020 and getting ready for Horizon Europe

Last calls of Horizon 2020 and getting ready for Horizon Europe – Workshop

The last calls of Horizon 2020 have been published. With more funding than ever the workshop will help you identify the key calls for 2019 and 2020. In addition, Horizon Europe – the successor of Horizon 2020 – is right around the corner and will start in 2021. In Brussels, policy makers are working on the priorities of the programme but we already know the general content of the new framework programme for research and innovation. The workshop will give you knowledge on how to prepare for and influence Horizon Europe. Moreover, we will give you concrete tools to gear your organisation to be successful in Horizon Europe. The workshop will be tailor-made to fit your needs and wishes and is relevant for any organization or enterprises that wants to participate in Horizon Europe or advise on European soft funding and fundraising. With a starting point from the 3 building blocks below we will develop a presentation, training and interactive workshop together with you.

Building block 1: Last calls of Horizon 2020

Planning for the last calls of Horizon 2020
    • / How much funding is left
    • / Identifying the relevant call and topics
    • / Pre-funding for proposal writing

Building block 2: The politics of Horizon Europe

What is Horizon Europe?
    • / Horizon Europe as policy
    • / The current state of affairs of European Research and Innovation policy
    • / The complex research and innovation landscape in Europe
The political process of Horizon Europe
    • / The decision-making process
    • / Understanding the planning cycle of the implementation of Horizon Europe
    • / What are the key documents?
    • / Committees and advisory groups

Building block 3: Understanding the programme

Horizon Europe – What’s new?
    • / The structure of Horizon Europe
    • / The budget
    • / Understanding the changes
Rules for participation – What do we know?
    • / What’s new?
    • / Who can participate?
    • / Funding rates
    • / Evaluation process
    • / International cooperation
Pillar 1: Open science
    • / European research Council
    • / MSCA
    • / Research Infrastructure
Pillar 2: Global Challenges and Industrial Competitiveness
    • / Background to the new clusters
    • / How do they differ to the societal challenges of Horizon 2020?
    • / Overview of the clusters and intervention areas
    • / The research missions of Horizon Europe
    • / Background to the missions
    • / Overview and governance of the missions
    • / How will it work in practice and how to get funding?
Pillar 3: Open innovation
    • / European Innovation Council (EIC)
    • / The purpose of the EIC
    • / EIC Pathfinder
    • / EIC Accelerato
    • / EIC and universities


Building block 4: Getting your organisation ready

How to influence the decision-making process of Horizon Europe
    • / Timing
    • / Tuning
    • / Trust
    • / Different types of advocacy targeting Horizon Europe
    • / Influential lobby organization in the domain of research and innovation: How to partner up with them
Get the right partner for your project
    • / Understanding the different European partnerships and networks
    • / Co-funded European partnerships
    • / Why get involved? And how to do it?
The toolbox
    • / Understanding the documents
    • / Finding my topic
    • / Uploading and submitting
    • / The dashboard