Training: How to write a good proposal

  • Horizon 2020 – and very likely also Horizon Europe – are highly competitive programs. Only the most excellent, innovative and high-risk proposals will get funded. To write a competitive proposal you must many things in place and be an excellent project developer. In this training you will gain the necessary knowledge about the European framework program for research and innovation and its complex set of rules. We give your tools to develop the good proposal: consortia building, excellence, impact and implementation, tips for the budget and the graphics and illustrations. The training will be adapted to your wishes and needs.
  • Horizon Europe in brief

    • / Political background
      / Policy goals in the Strategic Programme
      / The planning circle
      / The rules of participation


  • When, where and how do I find the right topic?

    • / The structure of the Programme
      / What are three pillars of Horizon Europe
      / Project types (RIA vs. IA vs. CSA)
      / Work programmes
      / How to read a topic
      / How to be a successful Horizon Europe adviser?

Proposal management

    • / Defining the proposal strategy
      / Proposal process and timing
      / Formulating project idea
      / Partner search
      / How do build a consortia – functions and responsibilities

Financial matters

    • / The budget: Do’s and Don’t’s
      / Funding rates
      / Financial planning
      / Cost types: eligible cost and non-eligible costs
      / Identification of direct and indirect costs
      / Subcontracting
      / Overheads


/ The importance of the abstract
/ Describing the challenge and solutions
/ Formulating concrete project objectives
/ Technology Readiness Levels


/ What is impact? Different types of impact
/ How to measure impact?
/ Commercialisation and other ways of exploiting of project results
/ A communication plan


/ The consortium description
/ The right project development flow
/ Work Packages: milestones and deliverable
/ Defining and tackling risks

Understanding the evaluation process

/ Admissibility
/ Evaluation criteria and process
/ Understanding the psychology of evaluators


    • / Layout
    • / Figures and illustrations
    • / Minimum amount to be included