Training: R&I development, funding and networks

At this workshop we look inwards. We will assist your business, research group or organisation in taking all the ideas, thoughts and opinions that exist in your team and structure them into concrete project ideas. We will present concrete funding and networking possibilities and match them with the project ideas. This will shed light on the different avenues of which the research or innovation in your organisation can be expected to move and where to find funding for them. This will enable you to proactively 1) make a funding strategy 2) undertake lobbying activities and 3) strengthen your network. The workshop will be tailor-made to fit your needs and wishes and can consist of the following elements:

What is Horizon 2020/Europe?
      • / Horizon 2020/Europe as policy
      • / The current state of affairs of European Research and Innovation policy
      • / The complex research and innovation landscape in Europe
      • / The structure of the Programme – pillars of Horizon 2020/Europe
        / Project types (RIA vs. IA vs. CSA)
        / Work programmes
        / How to read a topic
      • / Rules of participation and funding rates
      • / Evaluation


  • Funding options for your projects
      • / What are the most relevant type of funding for your projects
      • / What are the deadlines
      • / How to best prepare


  • Exercise 1 – ideas
      • / We use tested and interactive approaches to include all members of the workshop
      • / By actively engaging all workshop participants we ensure that all corners of the shared knowledge are being brought into play
      • / This usually includes development of 50-150 project ideas


  • Exercise 2 – structure
      • / All workshop participants are jointly structuring and organising the ideas
      • / The ideas are clustered into thematic areas that are basis of project development
      • / Normally 5-15 clusters of project emerge


Exercise 3 – from cluster to project
      • / Based on their interest the participants will split into groups
      • / The groups will take the clusters and based on the presentation and a set of pre-defined questions start to develop the projects
      • / The outcome is a number of groups that have identified projects, funding, potential partners, next-steps and so on
  • Next-step
      • / The groups present their finding
      • / We produce, based on the the presentations and the written material a report for your organisation listing the different project options.
      • / Next steps are decided jointly by the participants


  • How to influence the decision-making process of Horizon Europe
      • / Timing
      • / Tuning
      • / Trust
      • / Different types of advocacy targeting Horizon Europe
      • / Influential lobby organization in the domain of research and innovation: How to partner up with them


Networks and finding partners
      • / Understanding the different European partnerships and networks
      • / Co-funded European partnerships
      • / Potential networks to engage for your organisation
      • / Why get involved? And how to do it?


  • The toolbox
      • / Understanding the documents
      • / Finding my topic
      • / Uploading and submitting
      • / The dashboard




For more information contact Christian at or + 45 53 68 89 87