Grøn/Bruun is a partner for enterprises, research groups and organisations that wish to  develop their research and innovation activities strategically. We provide international networks, access to new knowledge, visibility, the option to influence, long-term collaboration platforms and funding access to our clients. Together, we have more than 20 years of experience with research and innovation policy in Denmark, Israel and EU. We hope to contribute to organisations ability to engage in international partnerships and gain access to funding.

We are specialised in EU funding programmes such as Horizon 2020, FP9, Eurostars, Interreg, LIFE, UIA, but can also assist with national funding programmes. See programmes, funding rates, templates, evaluation criteria and much more in our applicant universe.

Christian Walther Bruun

Christian has worked in the Danish Agency for Science and Higher Education, European Commission and South Denmark European Office. At these jobs he was lead or directly involved in the Horizon 2020 Interim Evaluation, FP7 Ex-Post Evaluation, Big Science Business Forum 2018, Horizon 2020  proposals, public affairs, organisational analysis of R&I as well as extensive work with communication and dissemination of research and innovation.

Reach Christian at or + 45 53 68 89 87


Lasse Holm Grønning

Lasse has worked in the Danish Ministry of Higher Education and Science, the Danish Permanent Representation to the EU, the Royal Danish Embassy in Tel Aviv and the Copenhagen EU Office. He has solid experience with public affairs within research and innovation policy, Horizon 2020 and establish multi-stakeholder consortia. He has developed best practice manuals for R&I financing and funding, and organised many round-table discussions, workshops, conference and match making in Brussels, Copenhagen and Tel Aviv.

Reach Lasse at or + 45 60 62 49 84